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The Music of
Giant Death Robot

Giant Death Robot is really very nice. He does not want to scare anyone.

I went on a search in 2019 to discover how to change my approach to musical composition and create trance as opposed to the the earlier styles which came more naturally. Now I have created some pieces that vary between trance and a variety of other styles, with two double length albums under the name, Giant Death Robot. Please listen and enjoy. If you like what you hear then I hope you can leave a favourable comment or two for me on SoundCloud.


Some of the tracks on the two albums listed here have been re-mixed and, re-sorted, and with some newer tracks, are part of one proposed commercial release under a different artist name. The following music is still available for free on YouTube and SoundCloud, but only for a limited time. Please click on the album covers to listen to the the way my music used to be.

Light Source - Album Cover.jpg

Light Source

by Giant Death Robot

Released September 2021

1 Andromeda                    5:56
2 White Dwarf                   6:03
3 Solar Mass                      7:50
4 Autumn                           5:34
5 The Vaark                        5:02
6 Sparta                              8:21
7 Disillusionment               7:16
8 Foreign Skies                  5:54
9 Ministry of Information  6:48
10 Therapy                         10:34

Total Time                          69:18

Light Source is the better of these two albums. I know the other one looks prettier, but this one sounds best.   ;-)

John Doe Rides Again

by Giant Death Robot

Released October 2020


1. Sierra-Foxtrot                              5:40

2. The Void Begins                          8:11
3. Love One Another                      10:50
4. Burn the Other End                    10:30
5. The Deep                                    7:47
6. Interior                                         7:50
7. Light at the End of the Tunnel   5:35
8. No Name, No Face                    10:36
9. Going Deeper                             6:46
10. Seeing as I'm Here                    6:59

Total Time                                        80:44


John Doe Rides Again - Album Cover.jpg
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