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This is where I have left some longer, more thoughtful writings. Some of these are purely my thoughts on a subject, while others result from careful, erudite research. There is also a collection of very brief, to-the-point studies of the Holy Bible which were broadcast on 96three FM in Geelong during a weekend show I used to do. Those appear collected into one single post.

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A preponderance of judgments on the Equitable Duty of Confidentiality concern the blocking of media reports ready to go to air the next day. Hence it is ruled upon without time to search the authorities... hence it is a dog's breakfast and could be used as a rule of evidence to stymie earnest legal argument at court and the gathering of evidence in honest inquiries.

The Privacy Act and the various State or Territory Acts on surveillance devices are an issue at the core of the private investigation industry. Reform is needed in some areas, while also investigators need to understand the law better. Where State legislation is in question this article focuses on Victoria.

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The Basel Accord, in establishing safety for banks in the conduct of lending on a large scale, favours dealings with stable borrowers and penalises dealings with unstable ones. Those penalised include borrowers with roots in undeveloped nations and potentially those contending with natural disasters. In this the Basel accord counteracts economic development where it is most needed.

When a bank lends you money to benefit someone else, and the need to be served ceases to exist, it is settled at law that the money is to be paid back, whether that's in the lending contract or not. That's because the money, though a debt, is held in trust by the borrower. Lawyers are undecided as to what type of trust this is.

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Like you, I'm not violent or brutish, but I am human.

What if you are provoked repeatedly to the point of exasperation? The law says you have to wait until the other person strikes the first blow or ask them to go away politely. It is common knowledge that neither course of action is viable.

The issue of same sex attraction has received very different reactions, changing radically over recent decades. Around 2014-2016 it was THE hot topic in Australia during political debate with a view to changing the definition of marriage. In spite of - or is it because of - my religious views, I have always felt that no-one is to be condemned just for being put together in a less common way.

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Governments are best kept accountable by a robust, fearless and free press taking a vital interest in what they do. But local government, notorious for corruption, is not big enough to generate headline news until serious corruption itself is the story. Here's a set of ideas I trotted out one angry day...

Individual short studies where, for the most part, I go deep. That is, I ask some proper questions and getting to some proper answers. I don't settle for what feels right or repeat what is said in church over and over. It actually feels good to have something original or challenging things to say once in a while on a well studied book.

All studies are radio scripts that I wrote and presented on 96three FM.

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