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music i made

Well, it's sure good to have a hobby that you can turn into something that other people might appreciate. After rekindling an old obsession for music I started experimenting with wave editing and making brain training materials for a few years. Then in 2020 I began playing around at sequencing for the first time in many years.

I have had to really work at getting into the groove of contemporary EDM.  I created some instrumental sequences and then published them under the name, Giant Death Robot. That was a dry run. I just cannot do anything properly unless it honestly feels like the real thing - so going off half cocked like that was a serendipity. Some of that material is destined for the scrap heap. All the while I was trying to make myself think of music from a more rhythmic and less harmonic perspective and to force more attention to detail. That battle rages on.

I then decided to select some of the better tracks from two albums, add some new tracks and re-mix everything, to come out with a much better work. Now I'm Black Ops Arcane. This is a hybrid of Techno Rock, Dark Trance, Psytrance and some 90's electronica sounds. My material is streaming on lots of different services. Now I'm thinking of approaching some record labels. Let's just see if anything happens.


Album Cover - The Void Beckons.jpg
Warrp - Single cover image - square 1000px.jpg
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