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This post should have been put up back in August. Better late than never, as they say when grappling for excuses. Happily I'm making more money than the last time I did investigaitons becasue I have fewer time commitments - such as no more university study - and the hourly rate is higher. But still the main attraction is the chance to do something that matters and doing a job that involves thinking, rather than just plodding along and doing what I'm told like a trained monkey.

And... here's a photo I took when investigating a car crash! And another when following a guy who never did anything wrong while minding his own business, and another I took where a work injury may never have happened several years ago. This was all for firms I don't work for any more! Its a cool job but there is unbillable downtime, unbillable report writing and high stress levels when you are working.

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