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Guitar Pedals at Belmont Market

My retial guitar pedals busienss, Scream Machines, is operating at Belmont Market in Geelong. Sunday morning, most weeks. If you live around the Geelong area, why not stop by at Belmont Market at the top of Barwon Heads Rd, across the road from Coles/K-Mart. If it's the right week, you will see me there.

These pedals are all good ones, with one exception. That one, which sadly did not pass muster when tested at home, I've dropped the price way down. That's just to be honest. The others - damnn good! I'm really pleased to present the best value you can get from any trustworthy seller. No joke. I've kept all the prices way down to equal the cheapest creible online dealers.

Some of these are really tiny too. Nano pedals from Rowin. Don't let their size fool you. They will rip your guts out if you approach them the wrong way. Big, full-sounding and meaty. Another brand I carry which is equally good value is Caline.

There are demonstraiton videos online for all models at

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