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Happy Holidays - Give me a break, please!

There is something insidious about the avoidance of offending others. It can, sometimes, drive a road roller over well-meaning and beloved traditions. It can cause social and psychological dissonance as it puts us all on edge expecting calculations of who will think what. Further to the point when enforced it results in penalties issued to those acting in complete innocence. In Canada it is a crime to refuse to use - when called upon - certain pronouns invented by the Parliament so that someone who does not want to be He or She doesn't have to be.

So, what about Christmas? Jesus never offended anyone except the rich and powerful and forgave on the spot those who killed him and had already tormented him. No-one disregards him or holds him in contempt except for reasons that border on political. No religion exists with a known ordinance at its core to oppose Christ. Therefore those few who feel offended may perhaps have to keep their opinions to themselves for fear of offending we who look up to Him. And forever they may turn to Dr Seuss for insight into their state of mind.

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