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Home Made Cheese

I couldn't shake loose from a sudden passion to make some cheese at home. It just happened and that was it. But I had to do it my way. I bought some rennet. For culture and white mould I used some Lovare from Aldi and some Vaalia yogurt. Yes, we live and learn, no yogurt next time. I let the cheese mature too long and so the result is a properly stinky ammoniated cheese. But it's not bad for a first attempt. You need to be an obsessive Nazi about sterilising everything, though, if you want to avoid food poisoning.

Then I thought, with cheese, olives, herbs, tomatoes and preserved lemons all right here in the back yard, why not make a proper, leavened bread dough and make pizza for dinner? (Preserved lemons taste like capers, common on Capriciosa pizza) Never baked anything leavened before, so a bread making kit had to be the way. The cheese and the pizza pictured below. I forgot the tomatoes...

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