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How did your last change of job go?

This is my wife, Marilyn. She is employed in childcare. Some people think that child care is a job for simple people who do simple things. Those people are not always correct.

Pictured below is the majority of the gifts Marilyn was given by parents of the kids she was caring for at Play CC&K. We simply forgot to include a few items she was given a little earlier. It was spectacular and we are still grateful for all that was given to her in return for the many toddlers' hearts won just during several months of 2021. Christmas came early at our house.

By the way, I should point out that in these photos she is feeling tired, having only just got home after work, in these photos.

Here is the original text and conversation on Facebook...

You don't know what its like to be popular at work. I don't either. But Marilyn does!

She has resigned to start a job closer to home that pays better... and this (plus a macrame hanging, a couple of chocolate bars, a blanket and a mini champagne we already demolished) is what she received as gratitude for her stellar work. No-one loves kids like my wife loves kids.

John Purtill


Lisa Savage

This doesn’t surprise me at all….she is an amazing person who cared for everyone, not just the children….

All the best Maliryn (lol), you deserve it 😘😘

Edith Cando Scopacasa

Goodluck to your new job Marilyn. 🙏

Marivic Manlapaz

Good luck ate 😍😍😍

Remy Jimenez

God bless all you do and plans.

Avril Bristow

That's awesome! Congrats! 👏👏😊😊😘

Elynne Gerardo

Go ate...

Rohan Hutchison

Awesome 👏🏼

Stuart Willder

Wow mate

Sandy Robertson

Wow! Great job Marilyn 🥂 good luck with your new endeavour!

Marilyn De La Rue

WOW Marilyn with your beautiful nature and so much love to give no wonder everyone you come across loves you. You deserve to feel loved and satisfied with a job well done

All the very best for your new adventure. We must hear all about it

Winalyn Cacao Jimenez


ate🎂👏👏! You deserved it! Good luck ate

Mary Constance Black

Wow! That's awesome. Well done Marilyn.

Reginald Jimenez

Congratulation deserve it!...regards....

Shirley Jimenez Bentillo

GIF may contain congrats, hearts, love and Congratulations

Jimie Bagalayus

Good evening

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