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Nazi Stupid

White supremacy is a social cancer. It's different to the racism found in (probably most) non-white countries because it comes from an inhumane ideology about the place of the individual, the state and the meaning of humanity, rather than just a feeling of racial uniqueness, entitlement and disenfranchisement.

That is why there is so much push back against Nazis. A comparison is in order. I once heard this, and then verified it with an old school classmate who has lived and and worked in Saudi Arabia. Immigrants in Saudi Arabia are held liable every time someone runs their motor vehicle into them, even on purpose. The courts reason that had the immigrant not been in the country the accident would not have occurred. Good, tight reasoning there. Visitors are better off being chauffeured everywhere. At the same time in Germany it is illegal even to be a Nazi, let alone to incite hatred and violence in the name of it. Nazism though, not only started a cataclysm of a war, it gave angry fools actual reasons to hate other humans, not just opportunities to get back at them. As a government motif it seeks destruction in the name of racial and geographic purification, not merely ad-hoc persecution and the redistribution of wealth and opportunity on a racial basis. That is why it has be opposed vehemently.

Another interesting thing about Nazis everywhere except Germany is they just don't get the fact that if Hitler had his way, then they and their great-great-children would be slaves, even in spite of being white, just for not being German enough.

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