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Reading has never been more useful/less

Confronting people with too many notices to read is exactly the same as telling them nothing. Just as sending emails simply to remind them they once walked into your shop or bought from your website. The Day of the Spam Filter is upon us!

Thinking more...

How prophetic, as our world advances toward ever higher levels of literacy! How very true, that the wonderful gift of email has provided us savages with mountains of unavoidable, compulsory reading and a culture which allows business executives everywhere to look dimly upon those of us who just want to get on with what's real. A culture also, which allows corporate weenies to think a facefull of pointless drivel reminding us that they are there is a good marketing strategy and that treating employees and patrons alike as if we were androids being programmed to behave as they want us to on site actually works.

Grizzle completed.

Actually the sign used to say the emergency department at Epworth Hospital in Geelong closes at midnight and was changed to make people look at the weekly listings of COVID-19 exposure sites. It's now just sitting there in the airlock for no reason.

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