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Sometimes a Little Hoarding Pays

Finally I got the ancient beast up and running again. Sounding BEAUTIFUL. -- And I inspired my bagpipe playing neighbour up the road to see who's the most annoying.

The following exchange appeared on Facebook:

Martin Fawkes

You don't see many of those Thiele guitar cabs around.

Andrew Pingree

Actually its a prototype of the Jands Axe. (Never heard of Thiele) I bought it in 1994 on the cheap from the carpenter who was building them for Jands in Sydney and put 2nd hand Fane speakers in it - recently re-coned.

Martin Fawkes

There was an article in Sonics mag about them when they were about to be marketed - I seem to recollect Bob Spencer getting one while in The Angels - apart from that, you're the only person I know who acquired one.

Martin Fawkes

Fanes, nice work.

Andrew Pingree

Martin Fawkes I bet that's the same article that got me hunting for it in the first place!

Jay Maurer

Blast him with a few classics off this one mate...

Andrew Pingree

Errrr ... you said classics? So this was a cover band?

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