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This page exists for A&R purposes only, so the music is here in full, for free. Earlier mixes can be found if you follow the "Music" menu option above. Earlier material shall be taken down when a contract is signed.

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The Void Beckons - Cover art p2.jpg
The Void Beckons - Cover art p3.jpg
The Void Beckons - Cover art p4.jpg
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Black Ops Arcane is a EDM project with influences drawn from dark trance, psy trance, new romantics, and various 90's sounds.

The Void Beckons is a home-grown album of tracks developed between 2019 and 2022. These are not the 10 best created, but 10 tracks which seemed to belong together and to support a general direction of darkish, trance-based music.

The last track, Therapy, is so named because it performs exactly that function. See back cover notes, below. Prior to embarking on this project, the artist produced a series of brain training audio productions using subliminal suggestions and therapeutic sound frequencies. Often known as Rife frequencies, sonic and sub-sonic frequencies can be used for healing, emotional support and meditative practices.

For this artist, as a lifelong enthusiast in sound engineering, and as a musician, it was a must to experiment musically with some uplifting sounds of this kind. Therapy is the result.

That private journey resulted in some personal benefits, meeting some medical and other needs. Without rejecting earlier spiritual directions, a broadening of horizons occurred. This is not to be seen as a cause worth championing, but rather just a hobby worth sharing once or twice more.

The accompanying artwork is comprised mostly of photographs taken by this artist at a former workplace, which is now demolished. The Ford iron casting plant in a run-down part of Geelong was a sight to behold for its filth and dilapidation. A very dark vibe indeed, suitable for what is mostly dark music.

Influences have been taken in over many years pointing in very different directions. A process of self-training was necessary to approach music more rhythmically, so as to create an authentic trance sound. This resulted in a crossover style which seems to be a reasonable place to settle for now. Nevertheless the journey continues, as nothing is ever quite good enough.

BOA logo on black.jpg
BOA logo on black.jpg


Suggestion: Solar Mass is indicative of my overall direction, so listen to that first.

1  Andromeda


2  Solar Mass

3  Sparta 


4  Disillusionment 



5  Sierra Foxtrot


6  In the Darkness Bind Them

7  Sagittarius A

8  The Void Begins

9  Voyage  



10 Therapy  


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The Void Beckons - Cover art p6.jpg
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