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Cave Tours in Mount Gambier

Holiday in Mount Gambier, April 2021. The blue lake had turned green in its annual cycle, but the caves were well worth it. So was the $495 speeding fine in which we contributed to South Australia's ailing economy. 😱

Errol contemplating the sunken garden. This is what they do with sink holes in those parts.

Marilyn and Errol underground in Naracoorte. Looking strangely unimpressed.

A panorama of the Blue Lake. The intense blue has faded by this time of year and is more a greenish colour. They said by winter it is grey. What the???

A panorama of the sunken garden. Marilyn has either lost weight or moved at the wrong moment.

The actual colour of the lake at the time. No inadvertent camera effects on the colour in this photo.

Water filtered through limestone over many years, filling the lower portions of the cave. Incredibly clear and clean, save for the floaties. It almost looks like air. Englebrecht Cave, central Mount Gambier.

The dynamic duo again


Me again

The following comments were posted on Facebook

David Sunderland

Awesome pictures 👍

John Purtill

Thanks for sharing Andrew. lovely place

Elynne Gerardo

Beautiful place

Peta Hills

I love that area. So pretty. We must go back one day, but I think I will give the speeding fine a miss.

Avril Bristow

Love umpherston .. looks lovely!! 😊😊

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