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Thoughts Without Soul... new album released January 6th 2024

It's been a long struggle, but it's finished at last! intended for release during 2023, I finally got it finished and uploaded on January 6th.

Head to my music website to give it a listen. And be nice to me and pay. It's only $10 for the whole album with 15 tracks.

I spent a number of months in 2023 and late 2022 barely able to get any musical inspiration. I had to work real hard to get this second album ready and listenable. If I was not driven as hard as I am to get something worthwhile done, this could have been a pathetic dead loss of a project. That's what I say to you guys here, not what I say on my music website. There it's a bit more sales-oriented. You know the deal. :-)

This album, titled Thoughts Without Soul, is mostly electronic dance music again, bringing together trance and earlier musical styles. But for about half of the album this time, there is more of a dark sound, more of a rock-inspired sound, and importantly, two programmatic experimental tracks that include poetry readings.

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